Seafood Supply Company

Seafood Supply Company
1500 Griffin Street East
Dallas, Texas 75215
Phone:  214-565-1851

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Thank you for visiting the Seafood Supply Company Web Site.  We have been servicing the food industry since 1974 with the ultimate goal of rendering supreme service to all institutions caring to serve the very best of fresh and frozen seafood.

Seafood Supply Company is tightly run and aware that the customer wants fresh seafood handled in an extremely sanitary manner, delivered in clean crisp cold trucks, and packaged to hold up the longest possible time, and all for the most reasonable prices.  The seafood distribution business is painstaking and fraught with hundreds of details.  We are dedicated to performing just that so as to provide the service needed.

Seafood Supply Company has over 200 years in combined experiences to offer its customers in purchasing, in sales, in shipping, and in processing.

Our first sale ever was for one case of crabmeat to a department store called Sanger Harris.  To this day, we are just as excited about an order as we were back then.

Seafood Supply Company - Loading Docks
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Seafood Supply Company - Plant (Graphic)
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Seafood Supply Company - Blue Forklift (Graphic)
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Seafood Supply Company - Truck Fleet (Graphic)
Seafood Supply Company - Fast Forklift (Graphic)
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Fresh seafood, at a fair price, when you want it.